Avoiding Post Boot Camp PitFalls

As I and many other students are nearing the ends of our coding boot camps we are faced with a new dilemma: being our own taskmasters. We have been coding diligently everyday for 3 months meeting goals assigned by our instructors. We are looking at a new problem and that is complacency.

Although I no longer workout as much as I could be, I had a trainer that kept me on my toes(literally) for most of my routines. We would go everyday twice a day, it became like clocking in for work, and the results showed. When I could no longer go to the same gym I had hoped to continue the routine at home, but began to slack as opted for couch and remote workouts vs weights and stretches. I noticed that I lost the clock in clock out mental ritual that helped pressure me into keeping to my routines.

After graduation I’m planning on continuing the buddy system clock in clock out by setting myself a weekly project goal that implements something new to master each week. And the buddy system to keep that slight competitive “pressure” active past boot camp. In my opinion, you learn the most from fellow peers that are constantly finding new and creative ways to overcome challenges(in code and in life). For me I’d like to continue learning from my peers by hoping that we continue to challenge each other by hitting the coding gym after boot camp.

As a personal challenge the goal will be to continue these projects as a weekly blog post in order to keep track of my own personal growth process.



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